Wednesday, September 25, 2019

TEMPTING MIDNIGHT -- Available now!

Psychic Justice Book 5
Release:  September 19, 2019

Her greatest love belongs in her past. Good thing she’s over him... right?

Seven years ago, Detective Eva Midnight broke her own heart and left her boyfriend behind. She feared a relationship with a psychic who sensed her every emotion was doomed. Now returning to California, Eva knows she must right her wrongs, considering every time she looks at their son Connor—the son Liam doesn’t know about—reminds her of what she threw away. When Connor’s kidnapped by her ex-husband, head of the mafia, fate throws her second chance in her path.

He doesn’t believe in second chances… until she returns.

Even though Eva has haunted his dreams, Liam McAllister can’t refuse the Psychic Guild assignment to find her psychic son. Screw reconciliation when she blindsides him with the truth about Connor. Now Liam will do anything to save his son from deadly mafia plans. But every moment with Eva is sheer temptation. Will Eva and Liam get a chance to explore the undeniable passion between them, or face the fears that drove them apart? Because nobody fights the mafia and lives.

Don’t miss the explosive finale to the Psychic Justice series!

Psychic Justice Completed Series
Chasing Shadows, Book 1
Twilight Rising, Book 2
Stealing Twilight, Book 3
Seducing Darkness, Book 4
Tempting Midnight, Book 5


Saturday, July 06, 2019

FREE YA Sampler Book

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The sampler, KISS AND (NEVER) TELL, includes the first few chapters of:

3) BITTERSWEET WRECKAGE (extended sample)

Wednesday, May 01, 2019


ROMANCING THE PSYCHIC is a collection of first chapters from each book of Erin Richards' Psychic Justice romantic suspense series:
Chasing Shadows 
Twilight Rising 
Stealing Twilight

If you haven't sampled my work, what are you waiting for? Grab your FREE sampler today!

“This story [Chasing Shadows] was masterfully written and illustrates just what a frightfully good imagination the author has to work with. I’m looking forward to further works by this talented author! If you're looking for a pulse pounding suspense with romance and evil villains, then I highly recommend Chasing Shadows.” ~Fallen Angel Reviews (5-Star Recommended Read)

Monday, June 11, 2018


Young Adult Contemporary
Release:  June 7, 2018

Her dad wasn't supposed to die.

He wasn't supposed to have a second family, and her mom wasn't supposed to slip into a prescription drug haze.

And she definitely wasn't supposed to kiss her new “half-brother.”

Ivy Lynwood has spent her life under the oppressive thumb of her abusive father. When the impossible happens, and he's found dead in a boat fire, Ivy thinks her life may finally be turning around. But her newfound freedom is short-lived; just as she and her mother start to move on, they learn that Ivy’s father had a second family—whose mother also died in the boat fire.

Child Services asks Ivy’s mother to take in the orphaned teenagers, and her life spirals even further out of control. Her mother disappears into a drugged la-la land, leaving Ivy to clean up the pieces… while clues of her mother’s guilt in the fire stack up. And for the first time, Ivy falls in love… with the son of her father’s dead mistress. Even though Ivy and Jesse are unrelated, he’s off limits when he moves in with the Lynwoods. Ivy knows she’ll never have the normal family she dreamed of—but can she manage to turn the wreck of her life into any family at all?